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Critical review of the Journal Article: “Ontologies describing concepts and rela

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Critical review of the Journal Article: “Ontologies describing concepts and relations in a specific domain are necessary for knowledge representation and knowledge exchange. Waterson and Preece define ontology as “he Specification of Shared Knowledge”. Ontologies (semantic data) facilitate the usability of e-technology and realize its full power. here are several Languages, Tools and Formalisms that accompany the term ontology. Among those languages, we enumerate XML (Extensible Markup Language), RDF (Resource Description Framework), RDFS (RDF Schema), DAML+OIL and OWL that are used in several contexts (compatibility with other concepts, expressiveness, etc.). Moreover, there exist several ontology formalisms with a definite advantages and drawbacks, which support particular features. Ontologies should be created for a specific function in the most appropriate formalism satisfying needs of a fine target community.” (Slimani 2015) 
(PDF) Ontology Development: A Comparing Study on Tools, Languages and Formalisms ( 
Critically review various toolsets used in the design and development of ontology for various scenarios. Document your review in maximum 800 words. You may also refer to any other research articles for more information. Proper citations and referencing must be provided in CU Harvard style. Key findings may include (but not limited to):  Introduction to ontology  Application areas  Explanation with one example
Apply the knowledge gained from the previous section and discuss the role of ontology in Web Development. Further discuss various Semantic Heterogeneity issues on Web 

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