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Critical Thinking in Psychology What did you learn about this week that grabbed

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Critical Thinking in Psychology
What did you learn about this week that grabbed your attention or caused you to think more deeply about it? In graduate school you will locate and evaluate research to support your discussions and assignments. This week, we added critical thinking tools to help you understand how to critique research and its relevance to research questions and practice. You were introduced to the following models that support critical thinking:
Bloom’s Taxonomy.
Facione’s Critical Thinking: What It Is and Why It Counts [PDF].
Paul and Elder’s elements of thought from Analytic Stage of Thinking.
For this discussion, using a minimum of 50 words, pick either Bloom’s Taxonomy, Facione, or Paul and Elder and create a post that discusses that theory. Your goal is to enthusiastically share something you’ve learned with your peers, apply it to real life, and make your pin informative, concise, and engaging to your readers. Be creative!
Share how this theory impacts you personally, professionally, or in relevant current events.
Share how you might be able to apply this theory in your life, personally or professionally.
If applicable, include resources to support your post by providing links to credible or scholarly articles, videos, images, or other web resources.
You may also create a slide show or use audio or video as your discussion post.
Label your post with a hashtag (e.g., #Week2) so that others can sort posts by the week’s topic.

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