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Define and discuss the evidence-based use of simulation in nursing education. Ag

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Define and discuss the evidence-based use of simulation in nursing education.
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Agenda Review
Research the topic of “usefulness of and evidence practice supporting the use of simulation in nursing education. Undertake a literature search to inform yourself and your reader(s) about this important topic. Address the following questions or topics: Define simulation training in the context of nursing education; what are the reported benefits? Are there any risks or barriers to its use? If so, what are they? What recommendations for its evidence-based use do you find in the literature? What is your opinion of Rasmussen’s use of simulation in its PN program (bear in mind our abilities to engage this type of learning is significantly influenced by covid-19 restrictions)? based upon the evidence-based practice recommendations and your own experiences, what recommendations have you for the use of simulation in our program? In answering these questions, you must use the Rasmussen Library to search appropriate databases using keywords or concepts. You should find 3-5 peer-reviewed articles on this topic to inform your paper, which will be 3-5 pages long not including your title page or your reference page. Lunch
your research paper should be double spaced, and be in APA format, using correctly formatted APA style citations and references. Submit your completed (or as complete as you can get it before 1415 today) research paper in the Module 1 dropbox in the Simulation Resources section of the course shell.

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