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Define communication and discuss its importance in healthcare Name three variabl

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Define communication and discuss its importance in healthcare
Name three variables that can affect organizational communication—assign their impact on outcomes
What are some channels of communication in an organization? Why is this important to know?
What are the various communication methods? Is one better than another?
What are the elements of non-verbal communication? Which of these are you aware of and use in your relationships?
Name 4 types of communication—strengths and weaknesses of each?
SBAR—What does this mnemonic stand for?
What are the main points of importance about the ANA/NCSBN Principles for Social Media/Social Networking use?
Name one way you will adapt your current usage of social media as you become a professional nurse
What does HIPAA stand for? What is its importance in healthcare?
Name 5 ways a nurse can violate HIPAA
What is the EHR—and what are risks nurses must be aware of?
What are the 4/5 phases of group formation?
Name and define 3 group building and maintenance roles in groups
Define the generational diversity that is present in the nursing profession
Define Case Management Nursing
What are critical pathways and multi-disciplinary action plan (MAP)—how do they support patient care?
What are the main principles governing the work of case managers?
What are some of the main principles guiding a Magnet-designated facility?
How do you relate the 14 forces of magnetism to excellence in nursing practice?
Define shared governance and its relationship to nursing practice
Define the term organizational culture—what might it contain that would contribute to excellent patient care?

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