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Develop a literature review of four to six sources to provide background on a re

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Develop a literature review of four to six sources to provide background on a research question related to Western art music up to 1750 that is of interest to you. One of the sources can be (but does not have to be) the article that you reported on in Assignment No. 1. The purpose of this assignment is to survey the current state of scholarship on your topic. This is a useful exercise in itself, and is also an important first step in writing an original essay (which you are not required to do in this course).
The literature review should include:
four to six appropriately cited references; if you wish, you may include some primary sources (e.g. scores or recordings) if they are relevant to your topic, but there must be at least four secondary sources (aim for at least four books and/or articles; you may also include one or two good quality websites in addition to that if you wish); list the sources at the beginning of your assignment. The majority of the sources should be recent (from the past 20 years) but you may have one or two older sources if they are directly relevant to the topic / research question you have chosen
an introduction (ca. 150 to 200 words) that clearly articulates what the topic is that you have investigated, and outlines some research questions pertaining to this topic
a body section (ca. 1000 words) that includes your summary and critique of the published sources; this is similar to what you wrote in Assignment No. 1, but less detailed as it must cover all five sources
a conclusion (200 to 250 words) that provides a synthesis of what you learned by reading these sources. The synthesis does not need to mention all of your sources but should demonstrate your ability to synthesize and engage with ideas across multiple sources of information.
Guidance on this assignment will be given by Timothy Neufeldt, our embedded Music Librarian and instructional assistant, as well as in the tutorials in weeks 10 and 11.
For a good overview of how to write a Literature Review, see the University of Toronto Writing Centre advice by Dena Taylor here: to an external site..
For a sample assignment answer, click here: Assignment no. 3 SAMPLE ANSWER.pdfPreview the document
Please format your assignment as follows:
maximum 1500 words, double spaced, font size 12 [ca. 4 to 6 pages of text] properly and consistently formatted references for all sources
you do not need to include copies of your sources when you upload your assignment
When your assignment has been graded, you will be able to see annotated feedback on your assignment directly in your assignment submission; if you do not know how to do this, in order to find out how, click here:

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