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Developing a Purchasing Process Overview For a hospitality business to be succes

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Developing a Purchasing Process
For a hospitality business to be successful, the management team must have a strong purchasing process that includes both selection and procurement. This process must be well established in order to control costs and deliver the best possible product or service for its target customers.For this assignment, you will choose one major restaurant chain that uses the central commissary from the following list and develop a new purchasing process for a single restaurant unit. You will use this restaurant chain as a framework (that is, the menu, average restaurant size, and management and employee organizational structure) for developing a new purchasing process.Note: You must create your own purchasing process for a single restaurant. Do not just report on the restaurant chain’s current purchasing process.Select one of the following U.S. restaurant chains:
Burger King.
Taco Bell.
Dunkin’ Donuts.
Pizza Hut.
Write a 4–6 pg  in which you:
Choose one major restaurant chain and provide a brief overview including:
The history of the chain.
The type of cuisine and theme.
The number of restaurants.
The average restaurant size (seating capacity) and layout (both front and back of the house layouts).
The standardized menu (both food and beverage).
Describe the restaurant chain’s central commissary including the products it supplies and it doesn’t supply. Analyze how the central commissary benefits a single restaurant unit.  
Select at least three purchasing technologies from the following list:
Inventory tracking.
Storage management.
Product ordering.
Product identification.
Bar-code reader.
Explain how the chosen technologies will be used to optimize the purchasing process for this restaurant chain.
Explain how the new purchasing process for this restaurant unit follows and abides by the five major purchasing objectives. Provide a rationale for each objective. 

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