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—- Developing an International Business Plan on Tesla  company —  Required re

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—- Developing an International Business Plan on Tesla  company — 
Required research paper with covering below info in paper, at-least 7 papers :
Building on the global industry comparative analysis you did in Project 1, develop a business
plan for your organization to operate in a new country. Analyze the new country first as a site for
certain value-chain activities, and second as a market for your organization’s products. Note that
the term products will refer to products, services, or a combination of the two.
Your business plan should include a marketing strategy and an entry strategy. Also, take into
consideration the requirements of accounting and finance. Develop market share estimates and
revenue projections using historical data from your organization in the United States and your
own research into market size, pricing, and unit sales for the industry in the selected country.
Estimate the investment required for relocating one or more activities of your organization’s
value chain from the United States to the selected country. Also, estimate the time needed for
your organization to break even. Provide the assumptions behind your projections and
assessments of both short-term and long-term risks.
Be sure to give yourself adequate time for each of the following 7 steps of this project:
1. Choose a local alliance partner and an entry strategy
2. Determine the organization’s degree of fit with the country
3. Discuss a marketing strategy
4. Assess the characteristics of your organization’s potential customers in the country
5. Assess your organization’s use of web networks and social media for e-marketing
6. Evaluate financial requirements and investment opportunities
7. Address government and accountability issues

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