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Discussion 1 In responding to Maria , comment on how her reactions to the video

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Discussion 1
In responding to Maria , comment on how her reactions to the video differed from your own and how the helping characteristics they wrote about differ from your own. Keep in mind that the desire to help others is often at odds with the mental or physical ability to help. Take this into consideration when reviewing your peers’ posts.
Maria post
When I saw the bystanders walking by without real concern, I thought they may have seen the man as being intoxicated and not truly hurting.  His need for help was not strongly seen.  He could have had a stomachache. He may have been nauseated. The bystanders might have interpreted the situation very differently as they were walking by.
I lost my Aunt in October and my cousin, who is her only child was not taking the death of her mother well. Who would actually?  I Facetimed her that day to show my support and asked if she needed anything.  Her response was that she needed me.  Her face said it all!  My heart ached and I told her, I will come and be with her.  Regardless of COVID-19, I went knowing she would have done the same for me.  My cousin needed me, period.  
I always react to someone (or animals) in need.  I have a soft spot for helping people that need help or if someone looks hurt or appears to need assistance of any kind. I will always, at least do the minimum and ask, “Do you need help?”
Discussion 2
Find an example of your final project theme in a Postmodern  representation of your artwork chosen.. Explain how you see this theme in the example you chose.
Discussion 3
In response to your Colin and Safiyyah posts, find another example of the theme they chose in a work from this week’s module. Contribute to the conversation by discussing the different ways in which that theme is expressed in the two works and is still relevant today.
Colin post
My final project’s theme is The Power of Nature, so I chose Spiral Jetty by Robert Smithson as my post-modern representation of this theme. Spiral Jetty (1970) is located at Rozel Point peninsula on the northeastern shore of Great Salt Lake. It was created using over six thousand tons of black basalt rocks and earth from the site and forms a coil 1,500 feet long and 15 feet wide that winds counterclockwise off the shore into the water. This piece displays the awesome power of nature, as the ever-changing pattern of the tide has the potential to alter the work at any time. Smithson had an interest in natural entropy, and the changing water levels of the lake represents such entropy (Dia Art Foundation).
Safiyyah post 
The artworks I had chosen for my project were ‘The Dying Swan’ done by Vladimir Trechikoff in 1949 and ‘The Dance of Death’ done by Micheal Wolgemut in 1493. The example I have chosen that has the same theme (death and the portrayal of the fragility of life through an artform) is ‘Untitled #153’ by Cindy Sherman in 1985. The artwork is a chromogenic color print and the dimensions are 170.8 × 125.7 cm. The piece shows Cindy Sherman posing as a dead woman. The skin is decaying and pale and the body and face is covered in mud. The raw portrayal of horror and death without any touch ups or beautification sends a message to society not to believe what is portrayed in mass media and to portray life and death as it is, respecting all those who live equally. The use of makeup and tools are artistically used to portray death. According to The Art Story – “Sherman utilizes the camera and the various tools of the everyday cinema, such as makeup, costumes, and stage scenery, to recreate common illusions, or iconic “snapshots,” that signify various concepts of public celebrity, self confidence, sexual adventure, entertainment, and other socially sanctioned, existential conditions.”
Discussion 4 
I need a image for both art work 
1. write your revised and polished introductory paragraph. Be sure to include a thesis statement.
2. write your revised and polished Visual and Historical Analysis paragraph(s). 
3. write your revised and polished Comparative Analysis paragraph(s).
4. write your polished Parallels paragraph(s).
5.  write your concluding paragraphs. Be sure to address all three critical elements of the Conclusion  
6.  create your polished Works Cited list. Don’t forget to go back into the document, once it has been created, and format your source entries according to MLA style. 

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