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Do I Need Therapy 22 unread replies.22 replies. For this discussion I would like

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Do I Need Therapy
22 unread replies.22 replies.
For this discussion I would like you to watch the following video and answer the prompts below:
1.) What are some of your thoughts about therapy? 2.)Do you think you would seek out help if you ever needed it? Why yes? Or Why not? 3.) Did the video change your perception about therapy and who needs therapy? Explain. 4.) What do you think distinguishes therapy from talking to a close friend or loved one?

Each question or prompt should be bold, numbered, and retyped. Then you are expected to write a solid, minimum 1 paragraph(min 5 sentences) response to each section. In general, I would write more than 5 sentences and more than 1 paragraph and make sure you clearly and directly answered the prompt. No separate documents or uploads unless specifically instructed. See this sample below for the guideline for all submissions. 1) Can you describe a time in your life where someone left you with a bad first impression, but you later grew to know and like them better? Your paragraph(s). 2)What were the factors that led you to such a negative first impression? Your paragraph(s) 3)What were the factors that helped you look past the first negative impression? Your paragraph(s) 4)Lastly, describe how research noted in the video is related to social psychology?

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