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Do you believe that subsidized public programs reduce or increase recipients’ in

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Do you believe that subsidized public programs reduce or increase recipients’ incentive to work? Explain your answer.
This is a difficult topic for me to accept and almost feel hypocritical. When I was a child growing up, I was the eldest of five children of a split home, parents separated at a young age and left my mother to struggle not being able to work due to children at home relied specifically on state public assistance programs. If not for these programs I am not sure what my family would have relied on for food and necessary needs.
As I have grown and have worked my entire life, I’d like to say that me and my siblings have all become successful and allowed my mother the chance to work and not rely on state public programs, once the last child left home.
Today I do not see the same motivation by many that rely on the same state assistance programs. There is less desire to attempt to better one’s self and almost see to many that utilize these programs in the wrong manner, almost expect that there a supplemental assistance that is entitled. I feel strongly that these programs were designed for the right reason and not run properly or without stricter guidance or monitoring. I would not ever suggest taking these programs away because there are many that need these resources. The entitlement group are causing our country issues with the economy just as well. Many who receive the funds do not feel that they need to or should work. Therefore, nothing more is being added to the taxes that supplement the programs. The programs supply many but fewer pay into them to supplement the distributed funds. There should be a limit and re-evaluation of some sort that requires some level of employment. I speak from experience and firsthand knowledge of many citizens in my community that abuse the system and programs that are needed to provide other in real need. example, several programs provide free food to residents in need form a depressed community in which I reside and work. There is more food thrown away than one could imagine because many are too lazy to leave their homes to pick up free food. The free food supplied should be mandated for families who receive state funded public assisted programs instead of utilizing the funds to buy other product. Again, a very touchy subject with me but strong firsthand feelings about a much needed but abused system that to many people rely on with no effort to seek employment to assist in supplementing the funds needed to keep the programs running or the ability to lessening the need for themselves to have to utilize any of the programs. Yes, I think that these programs increase more than decrease incentives for one to seek employment.

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