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DUE DATE: Friday, December 4 by 10pm.  No late papers will be graded. Building e

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DUE DATE: Friday, December 4 by 10pm.  No late papers will be graded.
Building education is an important part of life.  It allows for blueprints to be created, developed, supported, and implemented.  With that said, please choose one of the following educational topics for your Argumentative Research Paper.  As you read through this entire document, feel free to get any necessary clarification before you commit to one of the following:
Are there simple solutions to eliminate food insecurities among college students?
Should college students be required to have monthly wellness appointments with counselors?
Should college be free to everyone?
Are colleges creating better futures for students?
Are college students too reliant on technology?
Should students be interviewed by teachers prior to being accepted into colleges?
Are all learning styles treated equally in college?
Are students with jobs more successful in their college courses?
Do first generation college students struggle more?
Should college student-athletes be required to be peer mentors?
Important Information:
Your paper is required to have five points.  They are essentially sub-topics/debates that fit into the main topic.  They need to be worded in question format, and they need to be answerable with yes and no.  The points are the basis of the argument, so you need to spend time selecting/wording them effectively.  You need to make sure you have current, reliable resources that represent both sides, yes and no, for each point.
IMPORTANT: Your opinion cannot enter the essay, so you must rely on reliable sources with strong facts.  It’s critical that you not under-represent either side.  There has to be a balance of information.  A reader cannot get a complete feel for the argument if you provide them with one-sided, opinion-driven insights.  It’s important that you NOT rely on non-expert perspectives.
As you gather the sources (see the required source list below), write a note to yourself on each one.  Tell yourself whether the source represents Side A (the yes side) or Side B (the no side).  There is even the possibility of the source having reliable facts that support both Side A and Side B.  Make note of that as well.
If you keep track of the information along the way, you can better utilize it for your paper.  In addition, you can easily see whether or not you’re finding equal parts (balance) for both sides. Be sure you understand the information you’re gathering.  If you don’t understand the reliable sources, you cannot use them effectively.
You’re required to use a minimum of five reliable sources in your essay, and they must include ALL of the following. NOTE: You can use other reliable sources in addition to these.  All sources must be current.  So, don’t rely on anything that’s more than five years old.
ALL of these sources are the required minimum:
Online resource from our library’s database. You can access this at:
Online book
Online newspaper, magazine, or journal
Video from
Personal interview… You conduct this with a reliable source (a reliable source is considered someone who has been educated in the subject or has direct experience with the subject).  You can conduct this interview via email, video call, or on the phone. You must ask a minimum of five questions.  Those questions should be based on each of your five points.
In addition…
200 points.  Minimum of 1500 words.  A longer paper is welcomed!  The required Works Cited does NOT count in that minimum length.  If you don’t meet the minimum length requirement, which is listed on the syllabus under the CSLOs, you will not get any points.
The format for the paper is provided.  Use the templates provided for your Neutral Introduction and your Common Ground (paragraphs one and two).  They are required.
Remember… You do not enter the essay.  You control the sides, but you don’t ever give your opinion or emotional response for either side.  “I” (we, our, my, us) stays out of the paper completely (unless you’re quoting a source and they use it).  In addition, don’t utilize “you” because it implies the reader takes on that perspective.
You are required to use analysis and critical thinking, not just quotes or paraphrasing, to elaborate and explain.  So, you can re-state a quote or share what it “proves,” but you don’t ever provide your personal opinion and emotional bias.  Don’t end a paragraph one a quote.  End on analysis.
Carefully balance the sides.  Don’t allow one to be more evident than the other.  They deserve equal representation.  For every Side A, in points 1-4, you must have a Side B paragraph.
Point 5 will be one-sided.  Based on who is going to be announced as the winner, Point 5 belongs to that impending winner.  They get to have an entire point, with evidence, on their own.  Essentially, it’s a technique, in argumentation, that shows one side backed down, and the other gets to further validate their stance with one more point prior to being the winner.
You will have a “winner” at the end of your essay.  The winner comes from the side with the most reliable, factual, logical information.  As you research your specific points, you’ll see the winner start to appear.
You’re required to use MLA Format.  You can use Purdue Owl for MLA insights, and that information can be accessed at:
Use Times New Roman 12-point font, double-spacing, and 1-inch margins.  MLA heading, page-numbering, in-text citations, and Works Cited are all required.  Be aware of long quotes and how their format changes.  NOTE: Don’t over-use them.  More than two, in the entire paper, is too many.  You’ll lose track of the point’s argument, and the reader will begin to skip over the large chunks of quotes.
I encourage you to send me drafts throughout the process.  Each time you revise, I’m happy to provide new feedback.
How to Organize the Argumentative Essay Using the Alternating Method
Paragraph one is your neutral introduction.  It establishes the topic question, the sides, and the reliability of the research.  Use the required template below (it’s bolded). Be sure to place your information in where it asks you to do so.
In order for any argument to be dependable, research must take place. Analysis, assessment, and, eventually, judgment occur.  This, however, does not happen until thorough evaluation of reliable sources takes place on behalf of both sides.  In order for this assessment to take place, it’s important to dwell on the following question: Place your argumentative question here.  While Side A believes, yes, place your argumentative Side A answer here, the opposition does not share the same perspective.  Side B, on the other hand, thinks place your argumentative Side B answer here.  It’s important to explore both sides in order to fully answer the question being debated.
After the introduction is established, you need to create a paragraph to provide a Common Ground.  Paragraph two, the Common Ground, prepares the reader for a reasonable argument.  It is merely a definition, FROM A STANDARD DICTIONARY, of the most important word from your argumentative question, a definition that BOTH SIDES AGREE UPON.  It is not to be arguable.  Rather it’s a point of common interest.  It allows the argument to begin on an equal, common level. It must be directly quoted, and it must be properly cited for MLA purposes.  You must use the template provided.  This is your paragraph two (in bold below).  Don’t make it any longer than what is required.
According to state the title, in italics, of the standard dictionary you used here, place your word here is defined as “put your definition here” (in-text citation goes here).  An in-text citation, for a definition, looks like this (“Education”).  The word the writer looked up is in quotation marks within the parenthesis.
Paragraph three is an optional history paragraph.  If you need to do a history paragraph, it should be the third paragraph of your essay.  A history paragraph would be utilized if you need to provide a brief background on the subject.  It’s not required, but it can be helpful is some cases.  Please note that it can only be one paragraph, and it needs to have in-text citations.
Your points start next… Point 1 begins.  Remember, always announce this in the first Side A paragraph.  Announce the point as follows:
One important point to consider is: “State the point’s question here”… Side A believes…
Next paragraph is the Side B paragraph… On the other hand, Side B argues…
NOTE: You can use as many paragraphs as needed within each point.  Alternate between Sides A and B for every point (except for Point 5).  So, if you have a Side A paragraph, in Points 1-4, you MUST have a Side B paragraph.  Thus, the debate.
Please be aware of the obvious announcement of each point.  This is critical.  Don’t dismiss this element at it will make the points (and the argumentation) much clearer.
In EVERY paragraph, provide a clear sense of the side.  So, you can use a variety of transitions… You are required to ALWAYS mention the side.  Side A, Side B, those in favor of, those opposed to, those who believe in, those who are against… There are many others to choose from, but you want to have one of these transitions in EVERY paragraph.  It not only helps your readers keep track of the information/argument, but it helps you, as the writer, stay much more organized.  The alternating format will be much more obvious.  Your grade will be higher because of it.
Your conclusion is after Point 5. A conclusion in the final nail in the building of an argument.  A conclusion should leave the reader persuaded that the reasoning is valid.  A winner must be announced, but you still DO NOT GIVE YOUR OPINION. If you wish to, you can utilize this wording (or a variation of it)… It is not required.  Should you not choose to use it, the basic concepts and requirements still apply.
In conclusion, based on the evidence gathered, analyzed, and argued, it’s clear that Side ____ is the winner.  The reliability of the facts share the truth, and the truth leads to a clear conclusion.  Without sustaining the debate by means of thorough research, this decision would’ve been biased.  But because the proof was carefully examined, there is no doubt.  It’s obvious, based on the research, that ________________________________ wins.

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