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DUE IN 24 HOURS Respond to one classmate.  Explore your peer’s post, identify a

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Respond to one classmate.  Explore your peer’s post, identify a different database, and how is that different from the one identified by your peer?
At least 1 scholarly article must be used to support your position.
Your response should be no more than 200 words.
In text citations do count in the word count, but references do not.
Information literacy is obtained by being able to collect, utilize, manage, integrate, and produce information and data while having the information skills to do so effectively (Forster, 2015) This literacy is important to nursing research because nurses need to be able to know how to decide what information is needed in research, how to properly obtain and review this research, all while being able to teach it effectively (McGongile & Mastrian, 2018). Information literacy is an ongoing battle for nursing students to be proficient in. In 2017, Willson and Angell performed a study to develop a rubric on measuring information literacy skills of which are crucial to undergraduate nurses’ development as researchers and health professionals. In this study they were able to develop a rubric and most nursing undergraduates showed low to fair competencies in information literacy.  
Professional online databases and search engines both provide a source for an expansive amount of information. The difference between them is that professional online databases have exclusivity and generally require a subscription acquired through professional or academic associations. Search engines provide a wealth of information as well but there is no way of knowing the validity behind the information and is available to everyone.
An example of a professional online database is PubMed. Something unique about this database is that by default PubMed lists its corresponding records by date in which they were uploaded to the database.
Forster, M. (2015). Six ways of experiencing information literacy in nursing: The findings of a phenomenographic study. Nurse Education Today. 35(1), 195-200.
McGonigle, D., & Mastrian, K. G. (2018). Nursing informatics and the foundation of knowledge (4th ed.). Jones & Bartlett Learning.
Willson, G., & Angell, K. (2017). Mapping the association of college and research libraries information literacy framework and nursing professional standards onto an assessment rubric. Journal of the Medical Library Association. 105(2), 150–154.

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