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Due:  Thursday, December 24 Description: Based on the portrait of American tenni

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Thursday, December 24
Based on the portrait of American tennis player Althea Gibson in the film AltheaLinks to an external site., write an essay that compares/contrasts Gibson’s life to the life of a contemporary athlete.  This athlete must be alive today, and either still active in his/her sport or recently retired from it.  This athlete can be in any field: tennis, basketball, golf, swimming, baseball, football, gymnastics, etc.  Obvious examples would be Venus or Serena Williams, Danica Patrick, LeBron James, Jose Altuve, or Colin Kaepernick.
In writing a compare/contrast essay, after you’ve done the necessary research, it’s very important to write your thesis.  Your thesis will tell you whether you will be primarily writing a comparison essay (which compares like qualities and experiences between subjects) or a contrast essay (which contrasts differences between subjects). 
Be careful about how much of Gibson’s and your chosen subject’s life you cover.  So that you don’t become overwhelmed, choose a few aspects of their lives to analyze rather than trying to discuss Gibson from cradle to grave and your subject from cradle to today. 
This essay must be written from a 3rd person point of view.  Do not tell a personal story.  This is not a narrative assignment.  Compare/contrast calls for a more academic tone.  Do not use I/we as the subject.  For example:
Incorrect:  I find Gibson’s life very compelling.  I believe she is a hero.
Correct:  Gibson’s life is very compelling.  One can say she is a hero.
Use at least 3 direct quotes from AltheaLinks to an external site. in your paper.
Use at least 3 direct quotes from at least one outside source pertaining to your comparison subject.  This source can be either scholarly or popular.  It is up to YOU to find this source. 
Cite Althea Links to an external site.and your other source(s) in MLA bibliographic style. 
1000 – 1200 words
typed double-spaced
font size no larger than 12 points
1-inch margins

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