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During the years ahead, multinationals likely will become more concerned about b

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During the years ahead, multinationals likely will become more concerned about being socially responsible.  NGOs are forcing the issue.  Countries are passing laws to regulate ethical practices and governance rules for MNCs.  MNCs are being more proactive (often because they realize it makes good business sense) in making social contributions in the regions in which they operate and in developing codes of conduct to govern ethics and social responsibility.  One area in which companies have been especially active is in pursuing strategies that blend environmental sustainability and business objectives.
The Chapter 3 vignettes demonstrate corporations’ changing focus from the traditional emphasis on supply and demand models to now include social and environmental responsibilities and obligations.  Patagonia, Philips, and Tesla, like many other corporations, realized that environmental and social practices can yield a strategic advantage, which in the long term will produce positive financial results.
What is the perception of corporate initiatives to become more environmentally friendly? Should these types of behaviors be widely publicized? Do you agree with critics who claim that a given company has not gone far enough with its commitment to be socially and environmentally responsible?
PLEASE RESPOND WITH 300 words and one reference.

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