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Ethical Delimia  For the sake of efficiency and low cost, premium standard farms

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Ethical Delimia 
For the sake of efficiency and low cost, premium standard farms of Princeton Missouri has turned pig production into a standardization production focused processed slaughterhouse have has done this for hundreds of years but after the animal was dead doing it while the animal is alive is relatively recent innovation here’s how it works impregnated females wait 40 days in a metal stall so Two days early small that they cannot turn around after the ultrasound test they wait 67 days in a similar cell stall until they give birth two weeks after delivering 11-12 piglets the sows are moved back to breeding rooms for another cycle after three years the sows was slaughtered animal welfare advocates say such confinement drives pics crazy premium standard replies that it’s hogs are in fact comfortable arguing that 1% die before premium standard wants them too In that their system helps them reproduced the cost of pork products 
for part 2 discuss the activity and the ethical dilemma of this industry and these two divergent options.
In a minimum of 1,500 words, discuss the following:
Briefly      summarize the issue. Note that only a small portion of your paper’s      content should be devoted to summarizing the issue.
Respond      to the question(s) shown within your selected ethical dilemma.
How can      your selected dilemma be addressed from a Christian worldview? In other      words, what guidance from a biblical perspective could be applied to      understand and possibly resolve the dilemma? 
In      addition to addressing questions for item 3 above, you may also      optionally frame the issue using ethical theories (utilitarianism, Kantian      ethics, distributive justice, virtue ethics, and covenantal ethics). Note,      however, that the questions in item 3 must still be addressed.
Your      paper should have at least six external references (in additional to any      biblical citations) to help frame the issue. Cite your references within      the body of your paper. No Wikipedia references are allowed.

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