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Exam #2 Due date: December 17th Use MS Word 12-point Time New Roman Margin: 1” a

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Exam #2
Due date: December 17th
Use MS Word
12-point Time New Roman
Margin: 1” around Double space
1,000 words minimum
Submit your exam using Blackboard (Turn it in)
If the paper is plagiarized, you will receive zero point. Use your own words. Do not copy lecture notes.
Chapter 8
Describe John Dunning’s Eclectic Paradigm.
Chapter 9
Discuss the benefits of the European Union to its member nations. Also, briefly discuss why Great Britain decided to exit (do some research). Discuss pros and cons of the NAFTA (USMCA: US-Mexico-Canada Agreement). Has it benefitted the US economy (do some research)?
Chapter 10
How are floating foreign exchange rates determined? What factors influence the rates?
What is the law of one price? Explain. 
Chapter 11
Briefly describe a pegged exchange rate. Also, discuss pros and cons.
Briefly describe the Bretton Woods agreement of 1944. 
Discuss the functions of the IMF with some examples.
Chapter 12
Briefly describe the transnational company with an example.
Chapter 14
What is transfer pricing? Chapter 16 What are standardization and adaptation of product strategies? Discuss pros and cons of each with some examples.

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