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Final Exam Use this format Define the following Key Words and Concepts (AVOID CO

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Final Exam
Use this format
Define the following Key Words and Concepts (AVOID COPY & PASTE DEFINITIONS):
1. Accretion
2. Barriers
3. Borders
4. Boundaries
5. Cession
6. Conquest
7. Harmonized Tariff Schedule
8. Hadrian’s Wall
9. Iron Curtain
10. Korean Demilitarized Zone
11. Maginot Line
12. Siegfried Line
15. Customs and Border Protection
16. Geary Act
17. Operation Gatekeeper
18. Operation Hold the Line
19. Operation Safeguard
20. Operation Stonegarden
21. Operation Wetback
22. US Border Patrol
23. USCIS US Customs and Immigration Service
24. ICE Immigration and Customs Enforcement
25. Hart-Cellar Act
27. Secure Fence Act (2006)
28. Unmanned Arial Vehicle
29. Unmanned Arial System
30. Council of Europe Convention on Cybercrimes
31. Free Trade Agreements
32. InfraGard
34. United Nations Convention against Transnational Organized Crime
35. DREAM Act
36. Plata o Plomo?
37. Canadian Border Security Agency
38. North American Aerospace Defense Command
39. Royal Canadian Mounted Police
40. Integrated Infrastructure Protection
41. Integrated Boarder Enforcement Teams
42. Jus soli
43. Border Crossing Card
44. Agroterrorism
45. Birth Tourism

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