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Final Project Topic:  So I say: I’m missing the beginning, what’s the beginning?

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Final Project Topic:  So I say: I’m missing the beginning, what’s the beginning?
The title of the general topic for the final project:So I say: I’m missing the beginning, what’s the beginning?,is a verse I extracted from the poem”I Have a Seat in the Abandoned Theater”,written by one of the greatest contemporary poets in the world, Mahmoud Darwish (1941–2008). I Decided to choose for you the poetic sound of the general topic for the final project in order to encourage, inspire and motivate you to reflect,think, research and write your text in the most creative way. The two key terms in the verse, that ends with a question mark, are:missing and beginning. I strongly encourage you to reflect on these words as alight motive that would guide you through your topic. The text of your final project shouldbeon a specific theme of your choice, related to the relationship: sex and culture,which isthe centralsubject of interest on thiscourse.The text of your final project, could be written in a form of an essay, personal account orany other narrative form by your choice (for example, in a form of letter, diary, interviewetc.). If you decide to write about a personal experience, in your text, you could use the grammatical form of the third person singular (for example: instead of saying:I, write:She or He). You will have to write and submit your final paper at the end of the semester (the date is indicated in the course online:week 16/17(December 7-18, 2020).The following are the instructions for the final project. You could choose either Part I or Part II:
Part I [800-1000 words]:Think about your own or someone else’spersonal experiences within the relation to sex and culture. It could be connected with violence,or violation of some kind.These may be things you yourself have done, they may be things that were done to you, things others have done that have affected you, or things you have witnessed that had an impact on you. Pick one such experience. In this part of the final project, describe the incident/experience. Who were the main parties involved? What were the actions involved?What were the consequences for the people involved? Please note that“consequences” include but are not limited to those that are of a cultural,legal-judicial,financial, emotional, psychological or quality-of-life nature. Aside from any legal aspects that may apply, what makes this incident/experience specific in the context of culture and the human sexuality.Explain
.Part II [800-1000 words]:Think about the material we have read or examined over the semester.Think about the lectures you have heard, the topics we have discussed,and issues that have been raised. Think about the patterns in history, politics and culture we have reviewed, and the struggles and sufferings people have and continue to endure across the globe and across time.In considering all of this material,write an essay that details what specific topic or issue has changes reinforced your perspective.In writing your essay, be very precise about what you thought before and what changed, stayed the same,or became clearer.In addition to referencing the lecture or discussion, you must make

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