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Find 10 DIFFERENT fallacies somewhere in print (magazines, newspapers, books, bl

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Find 10 DIFFERENT fallacies somewhere in print (magazines, newspapers, books, blogs, etc) and 1) explain what each fallacy is; 2) how it was employed in the context in which you discover it; and 3) either explain how the author of the fallacy could have revised something in order to make the argument less fallacious or provide your own counter-argument to the one that was provided. You should cover one fallacy/page (so the paper should be10 double-spaced pages with 10-12 point font and 1” margins). Besides the 10 pages of text, also include a title page for all your personal information so you can start page 1 at the top. The title page doesn’t count as one of your pages. Also, include a reference page with links to the fallacies you find so I can verify them. If needed, specify where to find the fallacy. For example, if the link is to a 30 min youtube video, note the time the fallacy appears. Please send me the project through Blackboard email as an attachment. Thanks and let me know if you have any questions.

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