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First, you will choose a case study from your chosen field of business endeavor.

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First, you will choose a case study from your chosen field of business endeavor. An accounting major should choose a case featuring an accounting firm getting into ethical problems, a marketing major one featuring an ethical problem dealing with marketing, act. Try to choose a case that features serious ethical problems yet which is also somewhat novel. There are many cases mentioned in the text book. Other business ethics text books contain more cases. There are special books published specifically about case studies in business ethics you can check on at the library. Even a good comprehensive magazine article on a recent problem in business ethics can work well.
Once you and your partner have chosen a case study the first thing to do is to provide an abstract of it. This is a short one to two paragraph description of the bare facts of the case. Here is what the outline should look like:
Synopsis or Abstract of Case
Ethical Issues Involved
Stakeholders and How Effected
Imagining Ethical Alternatives
(Please talk about the ethical theories we have been studying here).
How Alternatives Will Effect Stakeholders
Recommendations for a Solution
Monitoring the Results
This assignment in total will consist of your team’s spoken presentation along with a detailed outline of said spoken presentation. Your partner and you will team up in both of these aspects. The detailed outline should be 6-10 pages long and research based. It should follow the general outline given above. The presentation should include a Q&A session at the end and last 15 minutes (presentations will be stopped at 20 minutes). It should, of course, also follow the general outline given above. The detailed outline will be due at the time of the presentation.. The main things I will be looking for are an effective use of “A Model for Ethical Decision Making” format, the form of the outline, the application of ethical theory, and the effectiveness of the presentation.
Remember to give a good narrative of the facts. Assume you audience cares about the subject matter and is general well informed. Do not appeal to emotion (save such things for the conclusion). Try to be as factual and to the point as possible and be prepared to deal with questions. I do not want any videos used in the presentation.

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