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Follo the instruction and write a two page work. remember  read the ppt and the

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Follo the instruction and write a two page work. remember  read the ppt and the article carefully and must follow the instruction THe  article is the link , the most important thing is to know what is the defination of the R C VRIO CC and DC in the question , oyou can find the defination based on ppt or  google the defination 
GA4 Task – read all of it VERY carefully: ( points)
Handouts, read BOTH:
Do NOT analyze “Activision Blizzard” – focus ONLY on the single business Blizzard (and its history) here!
QUESTION 1: Based on the 2016 article only (, analyze the following aspects of Blizzard:
Looking across their history as described, what are Blizzard’s resources and capabilities (abbreviated “r/c”? Specifically, given what industry they are in (define it!), what are its threshold r/c, which of their r/c are VRIO, and what are they especially good at?
Among the r/c you described, what are its core competences? Explain what they are and why you think they are core. 
Does Blizzard have dynamic capabilities? (Justify your answer, whether it is “yes” or “no”, and describe them, if applicable.)
QUESTION 2: Based on BOTH articles (2016 AND 2020 Polygon):
Given their position in gaming at the time of the articles (2016 AND 2020):
Does Blizzard have a competitive advantage?
If yes, is it sustainable? If no, how did they lose it and what do they need to change to return to a position of sustainable competitive advantage?
Throughout your assignment, make sure you are clear on how you define Blizzard’s industry as the question of (sustainable) competitive advantage is one of relative comparison with its rivals!
2 pages, letter-size (US standard)
1 inch margin all around
12 point Times New Roman Font
1.5 line spacing
Include sub-questions of the assignment as your headers.
Include your section number, group number, and all members’ names (of those who contributed) in the header.

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