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For example, “ABC Co. has a problem retaining staff. They need data to determine

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For example, “ABC Co. has a problem retaining staff. They need data to determine the root cause and the patterns by which their staff is leaving. The data must be able to be used by office location, department, and job function. The business is also seeking reports to monitor and reduce their monthly and annual turnover rates.”
As a data analytics professional, you may be tasked with determining what data is required to meet business needs in different settings. It is important to connect with your peers to share best practices. When you share and network, you will gain a better understanding of the different perspectives of the data analytics role. In many industries, professionals use forums to share challenges they face within an organization and ask their peers to lend their knowledge and expertise to help address the challenge or business problem.
For your initial post, describe a business problem. The business problem could be a fictional situation, a case study, or a real-world scenario from your own experience or that of someone you know. Your business problem should be 3–4 sentences in length. In your initial post, address the following:
· Identify the type of organization.
· Describe the specific problem identified for your organization.
· Explain why the organization needs the data.
· Identify what roles or functions in the organization would use the data and why.

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