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For the final reflective writing assignment, students will first identify the sy

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For the final reflective writing assignment, students will first identify the system foundations, system resources, system processes, system outcomes, and system outlook in two actual personal experiences with the health care system (refer to the table of contents to help understand which components we have studied fit under system foundations, system resources, etc…). For example, how did you observe the concepts from this course when obtaining your influenza vaccination, enrolling in health insurance, or visiting a grandparent in the hospital or skilled nursing facility? (Highly detailed and realistic authentic fiction scenarios may be used instead if the student does not have or does not wish to share actual experiences.)
Second, the student will reflect on how their understanding of the delivery of health care in America have changed since beginning the course and how it will affect them going forward. The reflection may address areas of new knowledge or changed opinions. It should conclude by indicating how that knowledge will be used: for example, is the student considering a career in health care? Will the student use new knowledge to advocate for specific public policies, make informed decisions when enrolling for health insurance, or to assist family members obtaining health services?
Grades for the assignment will be given based 70% on evidence of integration of cumulative course materials and 30% on evidence of college level reporting (writing, research, critical thinking).

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