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For this assignment, students will conduct a critique of a scholarly, peer-revie

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For this assignment, students will conduct a critique of a scholarly, peer-reviewed journal article covering a topic related to policing we’ve covered in the course. Examples of potential topics include patrol operations, community policing, diversification of police agencies, police use of force, body cameras, surveillance operations, etc.
Chapter #9 in The Criminal Justice Student Writer’s Manual covers journal article critiques. I have provided this chapter to you via Bb; however, if you do not already own a copy, I highly recommend you obtain one. You should reference these resources for proper formatting of a journal article critique. All submissions must meet the format requirements as outlined in The Criminal Justice Student Writer’s Manual. Any assignment that fails to meet the formatting, thesis statement or word requirement WILL NOT earn credit. Additionally, remember to adhere to the structure criteria in the syllabus:
Double-Spaced, Times New Roman size 12-point font with 1” margins. Submit all writing assignments as Word (.doc), Rich Text (.rtf) or .pdf files. Any questions, please ask.
Successful submissions generally fall within a page range of 3 to 5 pages; however, this is just a guideline and you should be satisfied you have addressed all components of this assignment before submission.
DO NOT include first or second person pronouns (e.g. “I,” “Me,” “You,” “We”) or personal opinions. If you want to argue a certain point, you will need information/research to back up your statements and should be cited in accordance with American Psychological Association (APA) standards.
Students who submit their assignment by 8:30 AM on Friday, November 27, 2020 will receive 5 extra credit points on their submission. Only submit your assignment early if you truly feel you have accomplished your best work. For every day the assignment is late, there will be a 5-point penalty. Submissions received after 8:30 AM on Friday, December 11, 2020 will be ineligible for credit and will not be graded.

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