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For this assignment, you are to create a one-day lesson plan that incorporates a

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For this assignment, you are to create a one-day lesson plan that incorporates at least one educational software and at least one high-leverage practice. If more are essential to enhance the quality of this one-day plan, you may add. Keep in mind that this one-day lesson plan will become part of the upcoming Lesson Plan Presentation (weekly set of lesson plans for a unit). Thus, keep that in mind when selecting the standard and specific objectives for your submission as well as the implementation of educational software and high-leverage practices.
The Weekly Lesson Plan Rubric will be applied in evaluating the overall Lesson Plan Presentation so be sure to use those evaluation measures when applicable in creating this one-day lesson plan, knowing that this one-day lesson plan will be part of your overall submission  of the Lesson Plan Presentation. More information about the Lesson Plan Presentation will be shared soon.
You may use any lesson plan format to present your information as you either have used certain formats in other graduate courses or have one that you use at your current place of employment. Some of you may submit lesson plans through a district-wide software; however, I will need a document (i.e., Word, PDF) uploaded and submitted for this assignment. Nevertheless, if you are unsure of your lesson plan format, feel free to share your ideas with me so we can determine if your choice is best suited for you.
Overall, you may consider this assignment as a rough draft to the Lesson Plan Presentation so I may review and help you readjust your plans accordingly to create an exemplary weekly lesson plan set. Yet, do take this assignment seriously as I expect top-notch submissions.
High-Leverage Practices in Education
High-Leverage Practices and Evidence-Based Practices: A Promising Pair
MS College and Career Readiness Standards  (Links to an external site.)(look under Subject Areas, bottom right of page, for your content area, if needed)
Florida Center of Instructional Technology Matrix (Links to an external site.)
Arizona K-12 Center and their implementation of the FCIT Matrix (Links to an external site.)

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