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For this assignment, you will write a 4-6 page literary analysis essay which cri

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For this assignment, you will write a 4-6 page literary analysis essay which critiques one of the texts we have read in class, so far. The essay should develop around a strong thesis statement (that is, an assertion of an original idea about the meaning of the text) and be supported by examples from the text. Choose a character and analyze his development over the course of the text in order to arrive at a thesis statement which asserts an important change in the character and why it matters. You are welcome to include information from outside sources but your focus should remain on your selected text or set of texts. Assume you are writing for an audience who is familiar with the texts. Avoid lengthy summary but do provide context as an introduction for any quotes, paraphrases, or references from the text, which you include.
Whichever approach you choose, please organize your essay to include:
• an introduction with thesis statement;
• supporting body paragraphs which each assert a clear and unique point of their own and include correctly cited textual evidence either in the form of quotation, summary, or paraphrase;
• conclusion which reviews points and either clarifies or universalizes the significance of the thesis or both.
Essays must be typed using Times New Roman 12 point font and double-spaced in basic MLA format (see the Purdue Owl website for help with MLA formatting: ).

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