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For this paper, you are to choose one of the topics covered in Chapters 7-12 of

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For this paper, you are to choose one of the topics covered in Chapters 7-12 of your textbook (e.g. decision-making processes, processed of emotion in organizations, etc.), then you are to choose one of three approaches to the study of organizational communication: the system approach, the cultural approach, or the critical approach. In your paper, you should use this approach to provide an analysis of your chosen organizational communication process.
Specifically, your paper should consist of the following sections:
1) A brief introduction that describes why you selected this theory or concept for your final paper. What was your interest?
2) A section describing the elements of that theory (i.e., a summary of the chapter related to the topic).
3) A review of the literature that has investigated the process you’ve chosen with the approach you’ve chosen. You should select two articles related to your topic. These articles can come from a newspaper such as The Wall Street Journal or Harvard Business Review or an academic journal. You should select 2-3 articles for this assignment. 4) A detailed argument about future research that could be conducted to further our knowledge about the process you’ve chosen through the research approach you’ve taken. Please explain what is missing from the research that needed to be discussed in the literature. In other words, what was missing.
Your paper should be written in APA or MLA format and should include at least 8 references

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