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For this step one of the assignment make the writing looks like if you were maki

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For this step one of the assignment make the writing looks like if you were making a website ( website include a short paragraphs and plots points): structure your website in 5 parts:
1)About Me: 2)Procrastination and the Brain: 3)The Psychology of Procrastination:
4)How to Beat Procrastination or the treatment to procrastination: 5)Famous Procrastinators: (Make sure you create a work cited page too at least 3 sources). Then, for the next step answer the following questions, Type ~2 paragraphs to “present” your project to me in writing by addressing the following: 1). Why did you select this topic? 2). What did you choose to create and why? 3). What research did you find to either “back up” your point of view and/or challenge it? 4). Where do you think society should go with this topic in the future? Basically, why should we as a society care about this issue…for whom is this important and why? You write-up will need to have: 1. Class heading 2. Typed in 12-point, Times New Roman font with 1-inch margins all-around 3. Use 2 sources and Works Cited page formatted in APA style with sources that are either journal articles or Internet sites with a .org/.edu/.gov html.

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