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For your final project, you must find a project that you will use Python to comp

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For your final project, you must find a project that you will use Python to complete. There are several websites with Python projects so I leave that to you to Google for them and select a project. I expect this project to be between 50 and 100 lines of code and include functions and classes. It must be submitted in a Jupyter notebook UNLESS you give me an extremely good reason why it can’t be. Preferring Python scripting is not a good reason, it must be technical reason.
You will keep a Word document that acts as a “journal” for all the work you do on your project. That first entry will be the submission, and approval or denial, of your project. When you submit your project, you must discuss the following topics:
1) How many lines of code do you think the project will take
2) The website or book where you got the suggestion. If you got the idea from several sites, list them all. If you are doing a project that is work related, state that then describe how it will help you. You will get some bonus points if you are picking a project that you are truly interested in. As an example, if you are interested in disinformation work and want to develop a program to help you scrape data from Twitter, I will look favorably on the project. However, you need to describe why you’re interested in the area as well as describe how the program will help you.
3) How many hours a week you will commit to working on your project. Be honest. This will let me know if I think you can actually get your project done.
4) An honor statement that says that you will do all of your own work, that you will list in your journal all sources of help you received such as a classmate or stackoverflow. If you use a site like stackoverflow, you must post the link for any question you asked or post that helped you solve your issue. Finally, your statement must say that you will only ask a fellow classmate for help. Yes, if you want to earn extra credit, you can help your classmates with problems they are having with their project. However, there’s a catch. You can only use the Final Project discussion board to ask and answer questions. If I feel that someone is asking too many questions, they will be restricted from asking more until they have correctly answered/helped a fellow student. If someone is giving complete answers, they will be removed from the board and will not be able to ask or answer questions. The idea is that you help each other, not do each other’s work. Giving links to answers, giving short answers or pointing out errors without giving the way to solve the error is what is expected. The discussion board can be found here – Final Project

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