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For your first AT-Robot programming assignment, I’d like to focus on: ● ensuring

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For your first AT-Robot programming assignment, I’d like to focus on: ● ensuring you can get a working AT-Robot simulation up and running from the AT-Robot/DOSBox bundle on our class website ● follow the video lectures about the architecture, instructions, assembly style, ports and constants To that end, rather than authoring a program from scratch, I have provided a file, “prog3.at2” for you. It does not contain a working program; instead, it contains a ton of comments telling you what code to write at each line. The idea is that I wrote a program, then commented every detail, then erased my code so you can reconstruct the code yourself, line by line. For every comment you see that starts with a single semicolon (‘;’), figure out a single instruction that could be put in front of the comment to do exactly that. These comments begin either at the left edge of the file or are a single tab from the left. This indicates whether the line of code you write should be to the left or exactly one tab from the left. Remember that in our assembly programs we NEVER use multiple tabs for indentation. Lines that begin with three semicolons, should be left alone. The three semicolons don’t mean anything special, they’re just something I came up with to let you know not to mess with them so they end up in the final program. Additionally, as commented, at the   top of the file is a #msg directive for the assembler. whatever is written there will be printed out in your robot’s status area during matches. please modify this to your first initial followed by last name with no spaces. I’ve also posted an encrypted version of a working bot (“amos.atl”) so you can see how it should behave when working correctly. A short description might be that it wiggles forward until it hits something and sweeps backward while shooting to avoid getting stuck on walls. Upload only your .at2 file. 

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