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Format Guidelines: Length: 1, 300 words 4-5 pages (excluding the works cited pag

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Format Guidelines:
Length: 1, 300 words 4-5 pages (excluding the works cited page)
Format: MLA
Include Works cited page
Content Guidelines:
Your essay should have:
a helpful and engaging title.
a clear, debatable central point (thesis), supported and developed with plenty of detail, analysis, and research, as needed.
show awareness of audience expectations and needs.
a focused, unified, and well-organized arguments, with appropriate paragraphing and transitions.
virtually no spelling or grammatical errors, vagueness, or awkward sentence constructions. proper documentation of sources according to MLA guidelines. (Information on how to do this is readily available: you can consult the most recent MLA handbook in the Reference area of our library, or go to
Topics: Choose one of the prompts. Rather than focusing on the entire work, select a passage or segment to support your arguments.
1. Works of literature can teach us something that may not have been originally intended. To what extent have you found this to be true in the text you have chosen to analyze?
2. Context – historical, cultural or social – can have an influence on the way literary works are written or received. Discuss with reference the work of your choice.
Works to choose from:
Augustine Qu’ran Chaucer – Wife of Bath
Tale of Genji Don Quixote
Evaluation Criteria:
In grading your essays, I will consider all of the following: Quality of the argument: The argument is clear and developed.
Organization: Thoughts are organized clearly and effectively.
Thesis: well-constructed. Paragraphs logically constructed by use of appropriate transitions.
Support: Use of appropriate examples; sufficient to support your thesis.
Grammar: clear error-free sentences. Formal diction.
Presentation: Works Cited page correctly formatted. Correct documentation of in-text citations.
Explanation of Letter Grades
An “A” paper meets all of the stated criteria and follows all of the instructions above exceptionally well, with imagination, insight, clarity, polish, and detail. It is conspicuously better than most work turned in.
A “B” paper meets most of the stated criteria and instructions very well, or all of it moderately well. It may be excellent in many respects but unoriginal, or very original but only adequate in other key ways. It’s terrific but does not especially stand out.
A “C” paper meets most of the stated criteria well enough, or a minor portion of it very well. It will likely be somewhat perfunctory, uninspired, or unoriginal, as well as insufficiently developed or convincing in spots. It will probably show no “stretch.” Its flaws are noticeable and detracting, but not overwhelming.
A “D” paper meets few of the stated criteria, but performs minimally well in one or maybe two areas—enough to warrant passing. Glaring flaws make any strengths difficult to spot.

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