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Formatting Requirements:  Single-spaced, 1 inch margins, 11-12 point font. Full

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Formatting Requirements:  Single-spaced, 1 inch margins, 11-12 point font. Full assignment should be no longer than 4 pages, not including references. 
You will be writing a formal Memorandum to the President of the UMD / Local Community Leadership justifying and providing detailed recommendations for a proposed intervention or program that can address the health concern you have focused upon this semester. This formal memo must include the following:  
1.    A Justification of the need for an intervention. Draw from PRECEDE to provide a rationale for the need for this intervention. You are effectively providing a community health assessment (2 single spaced pages)
a.What is the problem that you are trying to address [social diagnosis]? (one or two sentences) 
b.    Literature review and quantitative data analysis (1 to 2 paragraphs): How much of a problem is this health concern/topic for college students broadly [epidemiological diagnosis – behavioral]? (quantitative data)  i.    This must draw from the literature on the topic and provide an understanding of the extent of the problem, its determinants, and any relevant disparities across subgroups.  ii.    You are encouraged to also include the data analysis you conducted in Excel to further support your presentation of the evidence. 
c.Evidence from your own Primary Data collection (1 to 1.5 pages):  i.    Here you will provide detailed evidence from at least two methods of your own data collection including your photovoice, direct observation, and in-depth interview to provide rigorous evidence that this health concern is also present here at UMD. Use these findings to describe both the problem and its determinants.  ii.    Place this within the context of PRECEDE mentioning, if relevant, predisposing, reinforcing, enabling factors as well as environmental/behavioral ones.iii.    Address any ASSETS you noted through these research methods (individuals, associations, institutions, physical space, culture/history, exchange). 
2.    Evidence that intervention is possible. In order to support your recommendations for an intervention here at UMD, provide a description of at least one intervention that has successfully addressed this problem drawing on your analysis of evidence-based interventions.  (half a page)
a.Offer a description of the intervention and its goals
b. Justify why it would be a good fit for the University population and identify how it would be adapted. 
3.    Describe your proposed adapted intervention using a Logic Model (One page including diagram)
a.Provide a statement of the overall goal for your proposed intervention.
b.  Create a visual diagram logic model and use it to explain your adapted intervention. i.    Include the proposed Resources, Program Activities/actions, Outputs, and the Short- and Long-term outcomes 
c.Describe in detail how your recommended intervention differs from the original (activities? Resources?) 
d.    Explain how your program will result in the stated outcomes and contribute to your goal.
e. Be sure to include any assets UMD has that will help to make this intervention a success. 
4.    Summary and Conclusion – Summarize the importance and need for your intervention, and why UMD should prioritize it.

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