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Hello everyone, I personally think that the headline went well with the theme of

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Hello everyone,
I personally think that the headline went well with the theme of the of the story. While the author does not use a dek and jumps right into the summary lead, I do not think that this affects the story in a negative way but rather helps it flow a little better. I think that with the author using first person to tell his story works well. This is because I feel like it allows us to connect with him better and everything he went through while being sick. Using first person makes his story more personable and makes him seem less like a statistic that we hear on the news daily. At the end of the story when the author writes, “I feel like I have my life back. I can breathe again…” really stuck out to me because it really helps us relate to the author more and how he had almost a reality check about what life is after being sick.  This also relates to the one image at the beginning of the of the story, I think that overall it could have been better if the author used a more personable image, instead of an illustration.
As for all the adds, I am naturally a person who likes to get distracted or off topic so all the adds really bothered me because I was really trying to focus on the story. They did not make me want to buy anything or want to read a different story, they just made me a little annoyed.
Attached below is my story board, I changed my topic a little bit from my original idea per Jillian’s suggestion. My original topic was about the livestock industry as a whole and how it has affected the youth that show livestock. When I began to write my photo essay, I chose to write about a specific farm and how the pandemic has affected them. I did talk with the family that owns and operates No Limit Genetics, the farm I chose, and got some great background information on them as well as how COVID has affected them. I also did research on the last show they went to in November and included information on that as well. I think that overall for this project I have not faced any challenges and it has been very fun to this project. I think that I am just having a problem of deciding if what I have done is enough or if I need to keep adding to it.

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