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hi dear,
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Please follow the instructor carefully. There is a file attachment and fill out the chart.
For at least four times a day for 3 days, conduct a personal nonverbal behavior assessment. Set an alarm to particular times or choose four daily markers, such as purchasing a cup of coffee or going to the library, to act as a reminder. 
At the chosen times, stop what you’re doing and pay attention to your nonverbal behavior. Were you leaning or slouching?  What was your facial expression?  Where you using any gestures? If other people are with you, ask them to comment on your nonverbal you were exhibiting at that moment.
List those nonverbal behaviors in the chart. Use as many categories of nonverbal behavior as you can: Body movement (orientation, posture, gestures, face/eyes), voice, touch, appearance, physical space, physical environment, time.
For at least 2 times a day during the next 2 days, track the nonverbal behavior, and attempt to change it. If you are feeling depressed, force yourself to smile for 30 seconds. If you are feeling frustrated, attempt to exhibit content nonverbal behaviors.
What was the outcome? There should be at least 6 attempts to change your nonverbal behavior to experience a different emotion.
After conducting your nonverbal behavior self-assessment, do you see any patterns or habits in your nonverbal behavior? If yes, describe them. 
Could any of these nonverbal patterns or habits be misunderstood by others, affecting your ability to communication? If yes, describe which ones and how
Have you identified any nonverbal behaviors that you would like to change? If yes, describe the behavior as you exhibit it now and then describe the behavior as if you have already changed it. How might changing this behavior affect your ability to communicate?

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