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Hi this essay will be my final exam and I have a low grade in this subject so pl

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Hi this essay will be my final exam and I have a low grade in this subject so please try your best to get me a good grade and try to link what you write to the slides I have attached as they are the content from my class and will show that I have done the work.
Exam Instructions:
Answer only 2 of the 8 questions below.
For each question, you should write as much as you would in 40 minutes in an exam, aim for 500-1500 words.
Do not use other peoples words, this doc will pass through plagiarism software.
Exam Questions
– What is ‘good governance’ and the ‘good governance agenda’. –
– How is it supposed to improve economic development, and what are the main arguments of the critics?
– State intervention and leadership was the orthodoxy in post-war development thinking. What did this involve, what was the rationale, and what was the neoliberal critique of it?
– Industrial policy is fashionable again. Explain the rationale for it, using key concepts such as market failure, coordination problems multiple equilibria and structural interdependence.
– What arguments do critics use to reject industrial policy, are they right?
– Explain the full package of typical neoliberal policy preferences and their rationale. Critics argue the package failed as a developmental strategy and they attacked the theories underlying each of the key policies. Explain and assess the argument on both sides.
– What is the evidence of a middle-income trap, what explanations have been offered for its existence, and what policies and changes would allow a nation to escape it?
– State interventionism and mercantilism are ubiquitous features of ‘catch-up’ industrialisation, some claim. Does history bear this out? In particular, review the common features of East Asian developmental economies and say whether you think this proves the claim.
– The secret of international inequality is not unequal exchange, nor is it solved by comparative advantage; it lies instead in the logic of competitive advantage, and the dynamics of agglomeration on the one hand and low-level equilibrium traps on the other. Explain and discuss.
– Openness, such as embodied in capital account liberalisation and free trade, is said by liberals to be the optimum policy for developing nations. Explain the case for and against both policies.

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