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High-Stakes Standardized Testing [WLO: 1] [CLOs: 2, 6] One type of summative ass

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High-Stakes Standardized Testing [WLO: 1] [CLOs: 2, 6] One type of summative assessment that receives a lot of publicity is high-stakes standardized testing. We have probably all been in a position when we were required to take high-stakes standardized tests resulting in, either positive or negative consequences. For example, the results from a high-stakes standardized test could impact receiving a high school diploma, joining the military, or practicing in the teaching, medical, or legal field.
Some examples of high-stakes testing include:
State specific tests
Measures of Academic Progress (MAP)
Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB)
Prior to beginning work on this discussion,
Read Chapter 10: Standardized Test and High-Stakes Testing in your text.
Find an image that reflects your personal views of high-stakes standardized testing.
Search for two peer-reviewed journal articles in the Ashford University Library; one that supports and one that contradicts your view of high-stakes standardized testing. Your articles should be no more than five to eight years old.
Consider your experiences that have influenced your views on high-stakes standardized testing. Should high-stakes standardized testing be required to earn a teaching or medical license? Should it be required to be able to join the military?
Complete the following:
Post an image that reflects your views of high-stakes standardized testing. Be sure to cite where you received your image from. Use the Ashford Writing Center for support with APA formatting. (Links to an external site.)
Describe how this image reflects your views on high-stakes standardized testing by sharing your experiences with taking these kinds of tests whether in school or your professional life.
Summarize the two articles you found in the Ashford University Library and describe how these ideas support and contradict your views on high-stakes standardized testing.
Select one of the views of intelligence from Chapter 10.3. Briefly describe the view and provide your own critique. Do you agree or not agree? Why? How might the view of intelligence support or contradict the use of high stakes standardized tests?
Discuss whether you think high-stakes standardized testing has a place in education and the work place. Why or why not? Provide evidence from the readings to discuss the pros or cons of high-stakes standardized testing.

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