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How to Sell Directly Through Social Media Tom Welbourne – October 12, 2020  http

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How to Sell Directly Through Social Media
Tom Welbourne – October 12, 2020 to an external site.
In this article Tom talks about how a business owner can sell their products using social media. He also explains how social media is a fantastic tool to build an audience and awareness for your brand or business! Tom lists out different social media platforms and explains how you can sell in different ways using social media to be able to target all of your customers. Tom explains that the top marketing agencies suggest “that you should first decide on your platforms and then nail down specific goals for each, as metrics and marks of success will differ slightly, depending on the channel you have chosen.” Once you decide on your platforms and goal, Tom suggests a top few ways to sell using facebook, twitter, or instagram.
This article perfectly relates to chapter 12 because it explains in the textbook the meaning of social media marketing and lists out the top 5 social networks Americans use and explains how to engage potential customers and market and sell their product. In the textbook the top 5 social networking apps are Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Snapchat. Although it is seems easy to sell your products using social media, it explains in the textbook that “Each social network has it’s own features and distinct “personality,” and appeals to different types of users.” For example, they said that women are more likely to use Facebook, Pinterest and Snapchat. Once you have your product and goal, each network requires slightly different marketing techniques.  In the article and textbook both agree that facebook has the most users worldwide. About roughly 2.2 billion. The article relates to this modules chapter by explaining how easy it is to promote your product or business through social media. You will always need to keep up with your posts and keep track of your followers weekly to be able to see some growth. Just be careful not to post too much! Tom even says “Focus on building authentic connections with your audience”. In Chapter 12 it also explains try not to spam your customers. “Companies that want to achieve success generally can’t barge onto social networks and bombard people with overtly commercial ads, products, and deals. Instead, firms have to make themselves want to be heard by offering people information they value and want to hear about, or that makes life more fun and more meaningful to them.” I really enjoyed reading this chapter and seeing how much it relates to the article! One thing the article did not talk about was the social media marketing challenges. In the textbook they talked about many challenges that go with social media marketing. Some examples are social media can be complex and rapidly changing, lack of control, noisy channels, and timing issues. 
Question: at least 200 words
What are some ways business owners can be “heard” using social media marketing without spamming their potential customers?

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