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10 Open Datasets for Linear Regression

Write a 2 page (minimum) paper.  In the paper, define the problem that you are analyzing.  What is the question that you want to be answered from the data?  What is your hypothesis?
25%:  Analysis of the dataset (explain the data and also perform a statistical analysis).  Speak to which features you kept and why. 
25%: Use the techniques learned in this class and discover at least 1 “AHA” in the data.  By that, I mean that I expect you to discover a relationship between two variables or an INSIGHT into the data.  Explain your findings.
25%: Define which visualization(s) you choose to use and why you chose them.  I expect the visualizations to be professional and readable by themselves without references to anything else.  (I am not going to be looking through your data to try to understand your visual).  Attach your visuals to the end of the document.  Create a Tableau Story that combines your visuals and provide the link to it in the document.
15%: Summarize your work from a social or business perspective.  Why is this important?  How could this insight be used to make a difference?
CITE YOUR SOURCES and add them to the end of your paper.  (I recommend  You can cite all of your sources there and export to word and just add it to the end of your paper.)
In summary – you will turn in:
A 2-page Analysis
A page (or 2) of Visualizations
A list of your sources/references

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