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Human Growth & Development (PSY 2070):  “Lot in My Life” Writing Assignment (100

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Human Growth & Development (PSY 2070): 
“Lot in My Life” Writing Assignment (100 pts) & Group Presentation (30 pts)
Students will pick, randomly, a development era of their lives. This may be past, present or future. If it is the past first, you will need to interview a family member to tell you about that era and supply anything you may remember that stands out. Write how your present has been shaped because of the past and what you desire for your future. If it is the present first, discuss your current state, how the past has shaped this state and what you desire for the future. If it is the future first, discuss what you desire for the future and how your past and present have shaped your decisions. 
In hindsight or foresight, there are major events that may have shaped our behavior and environment (e.g. Dr. King’s dream, the evolution of Rock and Roll and Hip Hop, Hurricane Katrina, September 11th, the evolution of technology, the 2008 & 2012 Presidential Election of Barack Obama, the 2016 Presidential Election of Donald Trump, the 2017 Women’s March, etc.). Explain how have or will these events or things impact your life.
In the paper you should use the following resources:
1) a news or magazine article of relevance
2) relevant theoretical support that is captured in your specific era (age/development)
3) more detail about the era you have chosen (i.e. theoretical framework)
4) a vision statement for your desired future
5) should clearly indicate how major events have impacted the course of your life
The paper should be in APA Style with at least 10 citations (5 from the book, 5 from other sources, with a max of 2 web sources (not wikis)). It should be 2-3 pages double spaced, times new roman (standard APA format). Should have a cover page and a reference page (not included in the 2-3 pages). Further instructions and a rubric will be provided for this assignment.

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