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I have a homework I need to submit it by tomorrow, it should be 9 pages. who can

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I have a homework I need to submit it by tomorrow, it should be 9 pages. who can help!. 
The City of Ottawa has carried out studies on public transit alternatives that pass through the central business district (CBD). As a result, the alternative of building the Light Rail Transit (LRT) with a tunnel in the CBD was selected. This problem set is a case study of the downtown Ottawa transit solution and network implications. Please review the four references and answer the following.
(1) What are the goals, objectives and criteria that are relevant for the planning and evaluation of public rapid transit for Ottawa?
(2) Were all relevant alternatives considered and analyzed? If not, please identify other relevant alternative or alternatives. [NOTE: If all relevant alternatives were considered, it is perfectly valid to say so.] (3) What analyses were carried out in order to produce information that was useful for the evaluation of alternatives?
(4) Are the methodologies that are noted in the reports applicable for the analysis of other alternatives that you have identified in (2) above (if any)?
(5) Any ideas on how to evaluate the alternatives that you have identified (if any)? If the evaluation criteria and methods that are described in the above noted reports are suitable for your use, please provide your rationale.
• City of Ottawa (2008). Development of a Downtown Transit Solution and Network Implications. City of Ottawa, McCormick Rankin Corporation, and Delcan Corporation, April 2008. [NOTE: There is much detailed information provided in the Appendix. Your reading should be guided by “need to know”].
• City of Ottawa (2011). Ottawa Light Rail Transit (OLRT) Updated Business Case – Project Benefits Analysis. Metropolitan Knowledge International (MKI), June 2011.
• City of Ottawa (2011). Ottawa Light Rail Transit Project (Phase 1, Increment 1, Tunney’s Pasture to Blair Station, Document 1 – Technical Overview, 06 July 2011.
• City of Ottawa (2011). Report to Council, Implementation of the Ottawa Light Rail Transit Project, 14 July 2011.

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