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I have to do a Health Care Marketing Business Plan Project. This is the part tha

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I have to do a Health Care Marketing Business Plan Project. This is the part that includes the 5 phases phases that will be broken down. However, you will only be completing phase 1.
Phase I: Executive Summary 
• a summary of the planning issue , which includes a new product, new service opportunity, or process improvement issue. 
• A future –oriented, two page document demonstrating knowledge of the issue and provides the prospective value 
• What to include in the Executive Summary: 
An introduction to your business plan which involves a discussion of the new service opportunity, cost saving measure, or process improvement. 
Marketing Highlights: 
Make a list of the distinctive features by answering these questions: 
What is the real value regardless of the type of project? 
What will the product/service save the organization in dollars? (estimated guess, doesn’t have to be accurate) 
Ex: What savings or profits will it generate by improving efficiency? Or what saving or profits will it generate by developing a new service? Or what will it bring by bringing in paying patients or no-show patients? 
Targeting Market Summary: Answer the following questions: 
• Who is your target market? 
• Who benefits from this plan?
• Is the market internal, external, or both?
Competitive Analysis (if a new service opportunity): 
Who else is doing it? 
Provide a competitive analysis 
Key Marketing Strategies – Refer to Chapter 2 in textbook ( Essentials of Health Care Marketing 9781284094312 Eric N. Berkowitz Jones & Bartlett Publishers)
What key marketing strategies will you use? 
How will you get compliance of patients, staff, the board, or referral services? 
Operational Highlights 
Are there any critical legal or regulatory constraints?-Refer to Chapter 3 
Intermediary Concerns or Issues 
Are there any noteworthy issues with referrals or other entities? 
Grading Rubric Executive Summary (2 pages) – 
• Marketing Highlights 
• Targeting Market Summary
• Competitive Analysis 
• Key Marketing Strategies 
• Operational Highlights 
• Intermediary Concerns 
APA Format
Use of References
Grammar, Spelling, Punctuation  

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