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I need 3 separate sections in this paper, can be 550 words each so 1650 in total

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I need 3 separate sections in this paper, can be 550 words each so 1650 in total. Virtual Tours of museums required for some to attach images that are being discussed in the essays. I will upload peer examples. 1. Art History Instructions:
Produce a critical essay (500-750 words) which tackles ONE of the following topics:
– Discuss the different art movements of the 20th century.
– Compare and contrast two different art periods.
– Write an essay on impressionism focusing on key artists and their work.
2. Non-European Art
Produce a critical essay (500-750 words) which explores non-Western art. They need to choose at least two pieces of artwork and consider the following questions:
How does this work of art fit into a larger national context? What are the underlying cultural and historical contexts for the work?
What techniques and materials did the artist use to create this work?
Is there a discernible meaning? 3. Interpreting Art In this assignment you need to adopt one theoretical or critical approach to art. You might consider, for example, a period studies approach, feminist criticism, Queer criticism, post-colonialism or a Cultural Studies approach. You need to research and explain this mode of criticism in an essay and then apply the approach to one or two pieces of art.
Essay to be approx. 500-750 words.

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