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I need this assignment done as explained in the content please follow directions

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I need this assignment done as explained in the content please follow directions. 
uided Reading Lesson Plans: Paired Texts and Reading Comprehension [due Mon] Assignment Content
The purpose of this assignment is to create 2 days’ worth of guided reading plans using paired texts—a fiction and nonfiction text on the same topic that complement one another.
1 lesson plan should use a fiction passage or text
1 lesson plan should use a nonfiction text on the same topic
For example, you might use a fiction book such as Stellaluna by Jannell Cannon on the first day, followed by the nonfiction text Bats by Gail Gibbons on the second day. Both are on similar reading levels and focus on the same topic: bats.
Choose a particular K–3 grade level and reading level. (For example, if you choose 2nd grade, be sure to also choose a reading level that would fall within that grade level, such as Fountas & Pinnell Level K.)
Select your fiction and nonfiction texts.
Develop your 2 lesson plans using the Guided Reading Lesson Plan Template. In addition to completing each section of the template, take note of the following additional requirements:
The learning target for both lesson plans should be a specific comprehension skill (e.g., making inferences, making connections, asking questions, determining text importance, visualizing). Be sure that your comprehension focus is supported by the text you are using. (For example, the learning target of “discern themes” would not be a good choice for most informational texts.)
Include instruction regarding the specific text features of the book or passage used in each lesson. (For example, if using a biography, be sure to include information in your lesson that explains or leads students to an understanding of the unique features of that type of text.)
Include a minimum of 3 specific questions that you will ask students during each lesson to facilitate their comprehension of the text. These can be added to the “Before Reading” or “After Reading” section of your lesson plans.
Include evidence that shows you support students in using self-questioning as they read (for example, a think-aloud where you model how to self-question to check your comprehension, prompting students to jot down questions they want to answer as they read, etc.).

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