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I really enjoyed reading chapter 8 as it offered insight on how to deal with dif

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I really enjoyed reading chapter 8 as it offered insight on how to deal with differences and conflict. I enjoy exercises of self-awareness and this chapter really made it important to recognize how our own limitations can cause disconnection. To best summarize chapter 8, the emotional connection of distinguishing difference and conflict, it was reinforced that when managing diversity and differences, one has for options to guide their behavior: avoidance, conflict, tolerance or appreciation (Harvey & Allard, 2014). The chapter went on to describe how the four strategies can be used positively when managing difference and diversity within an organization. With that being said, considering our own emotional intelligence is needed. Best-selling author and researcher Daniel Goleman has made momentous strides in educating the need for emotional intelligence as a key way to understand and influence one’s own emotions and the emotions of others. He stresses emotional intelligence beginning with an individual’s understanding of their own emotions in various situations (self-awareness), then using this awareness to regulate those emotions to produce healthy responses (self-management) (People Builders, 2021). Emotional intelligence is very important to individuals such as I that work in the human services field.
Harvey, C. &, Allard, J. (2014). Understanding and Managing Diversity (6th ed.). NJ: Pearson Prentice Hall.
People Builders. (2021). Emotional intelligence is at the Heart of diversity and inclusion.Retrieved from

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