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I would like to get this essay done by Saturday 9th January. Zero plagiarism please!! The essay can not have more than 1500 words and it has to contain APA Bibliograpic References (6th edition).
“Education has not fundamentally changed in the last 100 years”. Reflect on this question with reference to at least one sector (early years, primary, secondary, FE, or HE) of the UK education system.
This essay encourages you to reflect on what you have learnt about how education has changed and to focus on a sector of education that most appeals to you. There is no right or wrong answer to this question but you must be able to argue your point coherently and support this with the effective use of literature. Given the word count, you should keep focused on only one or two aspects of educational change (teaching methods, structure of education, how we assess etc.) to ensure some depth, rather than trying to cover too much.
A successful essay is likely to include:
· A reflection on key government policies and changes in teaching practices over time, such as the National Curriculum, exam requirements etc. as appropriate to your chosen sector
· The impact of policies and research on what teachers actually do in the classroom 
· The part technology may have played in how we teach and learn
· A coherent argument on whether you believe the structure of education and the way we teach has fundamentally changed over time

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