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Identify the logical fallacy employed in the following statements!!!! 1. Everyon

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Identify the logical fallacy employed in the following statements!!!!
1. Everyone seems to support the changes in the vacation policy, and if everyone likes them, they must be good. 2. The Beatles were the best rock group of the 1969’s – they sold more records than any other group.
3. Did you enjoy breaking your aunt’s heart by being late for dinner?
4. “That was a great movie!”
“Why do you think so?”
“Well, I just loved it!” 5. Well, I’m going to continue to believe that there is life on Mars, and that they visit us unless you can prove otherwise! 6. Those Star Wars movies are so predictable–if you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all!
7. Sure, he’s opposed to banning handguns–he’s a bullet manufacturer!
8. Why are those politicians trying to cut Medicare and Social Security? They must want old people to starve. 9. I’m shocked to hear you preaching atheism. Does your father know you believe that? 10. I walked under a ladder yesterday. That’s why I failed my exam.
11. Eight out of ten doctors support a woman’s right to have an abortion. Ow can you deny that this is a genuine right?
12. I had to drive fast, officer. Everyone on the freeway was driving fast.
13. John said he doesn’t like ice cream so he must hate to eat dessert.
14. I want to have myself a merry little Christmas, but I refuse to do as the song suggests and make the yuletide gay.  I don’t think sexual preference should have anything to do with enjoying the holiday. 15. Hydrogen is not wet.  Oxygen is not wet.  Therefore, water (H2O) is not wet.
16. This dish ought to be delicious, since I love everything that goes into it.
17. But Doctor, surely your advice that I should not drink coffee is not sound advice since you yourself often drink coffee.
18. We can maintain our military strength by bringing back the draft and increasing the military budget, or we can cut spending and become a militarily weak nation. Which would you prefer?
19. How can you deny that the belief in the afterlife is universal? After all, everyone believes in it.
20. Many people say that Picasso was a great artist, but are we supposed to admire a man who beat his mistresses?
21. Wilson used abusive language toward the child who threw a stone at his car. Since child abuse is a crime, he should be reported to the authorities.
22. Opinion poll question: “Do you favor more money for welfare programs, or do you feel we should let people starve in the streets?”
23. Six months after President Hoover took office in 1929H, the stock market crashed and the Great Depression began. He is, therefore, responsible for this tragic episode in our nation’s history.
24. This must be an important event. The New York Times gave it four columns on the front page.

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