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Identify topic for research paper! The completed research paper is due no later

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Identify topic for research paper!
The completed research paper is due no later than 6:00PM on Saturday, 10/31/2020 via Blackboard.
Guidelines for paper:
Papers should be 5 to 8 pages long and cover a topic relevant to this class that is interesting, useful and thought provoking.
Papers must have at least 3 references cited.
Papers must be typed, double-spaced, and font size 12.
Create a short presentation based on your paper (no more than 10 minutes using Microsoft PowerPoint or any other software).
Students making oral presentations will be given extra credit. 
my layout of the paper 
The background of calisthenics
Where it was originated 
Who was it made for exactly 
Benefits for Calisthenics 
How often are these workouts used by normal people vs athletes 
Workout regimen 
Can you just start off doing Calisthenics if you never worked out ? 
First timers vs experience 
How long does it take for you to get comfortable with calisthenics 
Mental strength vs body strength 
Do you eat less or you eat more food? 
Do you consume a lot of carbs ?
How many meals a day should be recommended? 
Can you hurt your body while performing calisthenics vs weight workouts ? 
Are you prone to get hurt while performing these exercises? 
Which workout takes longer to recover from ? 
Which helps create muscle 

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