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.Identify what challenges there are to finding a good solution for this topic (i

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.Identify what challenges there are to finding a good solution for this topic (i.e., What types of learning are involved in this topic? What types of memory are involved? Are there particular features of the topic that might make it difficult to find an effective solution? For example, if someone has a habit that they want to break, how long have they had this habit? Is it being reinforced by specific things that are not easy to remove/replace? Is it a behavior that’s being modelled by other people in their environment?)
• Describe your design to overcome the challenge, and be specific: what types of
actions will help to improve someone’s learning and retention of new information,
and/or help someone to change their behavior in a long-lasting way? (e.g., if
you’re designing a training program for an athlete, what would each training
session look like? How frequently would they happen? Would you give feedback,
and if so, what kind and how often? What’s the rationale for your choices?)
• Justify why you think your strategy would work by referring to at least 5 different
scholarly sources of scientific information (i.e., peer-reviewed journal articles;
other scholarly book chapters, etc) – show that you have sound scientific support
for your proposal. I want to see that you have found examples of studies that
have tested and support what you are proposing in your strategy.
*Inappropriate sources for support include Wikipedia, Scholarpedia,
popular magazines or books, or websites that do not themselves cite
supporting references.
• Propose how you would know whether your design has worked (e.g., if you’re
helping employees to learn and remember a new procedure, what would be
Some clear evidence that your proposed design has worked? After how much
Time would you want to see if they are still carrying out the new procedure?)
• Identify at least one problem that your design might not fix (e.g., how long-lasting do you think your intervention will be and why? Do you think the behavior Change you’ve tried to cause will generalize across contexts, or will it be limited
To certain circumstances only?)

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