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In 2018  Amanda Land from Berkley County, South Carolina was imprisoned for alle

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In 2018  Amanda Land from Berkley County, South Carolina was imprisoned for allegedly trafficking marihuana and illegally processing a firearm.
In April 2011, the police arrested a group of four men suspected of having committed several armed robberies in Detroit and the outskirts. During the interrogation, one of the men confessed to the FBI that the foursome had also robbed stores in Michigan and Ohio and that there were 15 more men involved in the crimes as getaway drivers and lookouts.
In the context of the investigation, policemen were may involve in both legal searches and illegal searches cases to catch the criminals. Illegal search is claimed when the search was implemented without a proper warrant search and its scope of the search is exceeded.
“On August 25, 1999, two uniformed police officers responded to a report of narcotics activity at a house in Tucson, Arizona. Respondent Rodney Gant told the officers that the owner was not home but would return later
Cornell Law School. (n.d.). Unreasonable search and seizure. Retrieved July 2021, from Legal Information Institute:
Daly, C., & Vernon, R. (n.d.). Arizona vs. Gant. Retrieved July 2021, from LII Supreme Court Bulletin:
Firstly, a warrant is what authorizes a law enforcement official to perform a search and seize evidence (Graves, 2014). In order for a law enforcement officer to get a warrant, there must be probable cause established by an affidavit from that official. The warrant must also fulfil certain requirements like what exactly is being sought, who the target of the search is, and the location of where it is expected to be found (Graves, 2014).

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