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In order to complete this assignment, you will need to interview one student tha

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In order to complete this assignment, you will need to interview one student that is in a placement classroom or you may choose to interview a student from other relationships. If you choose a student that is not in your placement classroom, you are required to get permission from me before conducting the interview. Send an email describing the relationship you have with the student and her/his age.
Direction for Completing the Interview
Your interview will differ from Marilyn Burns’ interviews as you will use one Problem-Based Task. Select a task from this document Problem-Based Task.
Choose a student between kindergarten and eighth grade that you will interview.
Select an appropriate task for the interview. Keep in mind the age and grade level of the student. Have a copy of the task printed on a full sheet for students to show their work.
Use these Question Probes to guide you during the interview.
Find a quiet space to conduct the interview where you will not be interrupted.
Keep the student work product as it will be a part of the final documentation.
After the interview and you have dismissed the student, capture your thoughts about what you learned. Use the questions from Students Observation Interview: Learning Through Problems as a guide to write an essay similar to how Marilyn Burns described her interviews. Link
Upload a photo of the student work along with your essay in Canvas.

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